Friday, August 15, 2014

Oh My Ghana!

Even though the art on these photos is laughable at best, I have to really give respect to the foreign market for attempting to change it up and actually try and do something creative.

The Gillets: Bloody Social?

I think all of us is pretty aware of F. Warrington Gillette's (maybe, maybe not) film Bloody Social was about his mother allegedly killing his father, and all for money. I got bored and looked them up and it turns out that the Gillet (how his last name is actually spelled) family was a pretty well known family in Palm Beach, Florida.

His mother was a very well known socialite, very active in the arts and headed many benefits. His father, Francis Warrington Gillet, Jr., also mingled with politicians, raced horses (Explains Warrington, III's love of horses!), and kept close ties with very wealthy people.