Thursday, December 27, 2012

Warlock Clone Perfection

Since I have more time I have gotten back into blogging and reading blogs. This one came from my visit to the site and I think it's easily in the top 3 replicas I have seen. Obviously there's a few marks that are a little off, but overall it's about 98% exact-- and he may still be accepting commissions on these!

Go check it out.

Jerry Pavlon Now

Here are a couple recent photos of Jerry Pavlon (Friday the 13th: Part V) from his Linked-In page. He's now dealing with education with bi-polar and mood-fragile kids and has an organization in New York. Sounds a lot like where he did time in Friday The 13th: Part V!

Friday the 13th Legend: Part III Alternate Ending

from: Crystal Lake Memories 
The alternate ending to Friday the 13th: Part III seems to be one of the more talked about lost scenes in the franchise. Here are excerpts from the Friday the 13th: Part III novel by Michael Avalone, a book written before the movie was finished based on the original shooting script. They are from Pages 186 - 200, taking up after the scene where Chris puts an axe into Jason's head.