Friday, December 28, 2012

Want Own the Jarvis Home? Got 1.7 Million?


Martin Cummins... You're An Asshole

Martin Cummins (Friday the 13th: Part VIII) gets into an anti-abortion debate with  Karen Cambpell on a Canadian TV show Pilot 1.  The crowd seems to side with Karen, who is pro-choice.

I do think Martin makes some valid points, though.

News Archive: Stuntman Claims Actors Unnecessarily Endangered

Ted White and Judie Aronson
Most Friday the 13th fans are more than aware of the story of how Ted White lashed out against The Final Chapter's director Joseph Zito when he refused to let actress Judie Aronson have a break when filming her death scene where she was submerged in near-freezing water. White claims he threatened to quit the film if he did not allow her to rest and warm up or get a stuntwoman to do the scene. Years later Aronson claimed that she was hypothermic and became ill after the fact and blamed it on Zito.