Saturday, January 24, 2009

Part 3 location: then and now.

A lot of people may already know that Friday The 13th: Part III was shot at a movie ranch, the Veluzat Movie Ranch in Newhall, California. It was the first to be shot in California, and the first of three in a row. The other parts of Part III were shot in the local area, and I am not sure if anyone has ever found where the Crystal Lake Cafe was shot- if they have, send me pictures!

Jason doesn't run!

So, quite frankly I am tired of this whole "Jason doesn't run!" bull shit. It all started in about 1987 when this guy named Kane Hodder came up with that awesome bit "trivia" completely disregarding the fact that Jason II, III and IV ran and Jason VI came damn close. I don't know- it is a pet peeve of mine to hear fans say that. Hell, some of the best Jasons ran and I consider Friday The 13th 1-V THE best in the franchise.