Sunday, January 4, 2009

The history of the Part 3 & 4 shirt.

This was a pretty neat forum topic by a fella on the Fright Stuff forums. This is a short excerpt of it, but you can go ahead and read it all right here. I love really geeky trivia like this, so I felt like I would share.

Alright, I have decided to clear the air here about the actual brand of shirts used for Pt.3 and Part 4 respectively. Below is my views/opinions on the subject which I believe are 100% correct. Feel free to debate if you wish but I'll go ahead and let the pictures do the talking and help try to prove my claims. Just for record Dickies brand work shirt was not the brand used in filming.

Part 3 Shirt:
Actual On-Screen Part 3 shirt. This is a 6 button Big Mac brand "Penn Prest" (Means no ironing, ever.) Also with Soil Release which means most stains disappear. Shirt is Olive Drab color. I have several Vintage Dickies brand work shirts from around the 80's era - although pretty similar in appearance the Dickies work shirts lack the correct construction design. I've found to many flaws in the design of vintage/present Dickies work shirts to be consistent with the shirts that are seen in the film. Dickies work shirt myth, BUSTED.

The screen used shirt above has sorta of a blue hue to it. Rest assure though that this isn't the correct color, perhaps the lighting had something to do with this. The correct color of the Pt.3 shirt is Olive Drab as can be seen below in the photos.

My Big Mac Penn Prest Pt.3 work shirt that I just recently purchased. I'm very lucky to own this and was thrilled when it arrived. I've owned many nice work shirts over the years, including Dickies but nothing can compare to the ACTUAL brand used.

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Fan made Part II trailer.

Courtesy of, this has to be his best of the modernized trailers that he has done. If only Paramount would have made trailers like this for the DVD re-releases- I think that these appeal more to today's younger viewers.