Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Funny Tom Morga clip.

This may be amusing for some of us A New Beginning fans, so I just wanted to share this. It's a cleverly done/edited little piece and again, Tom Morga really is not that great of an actor-- at least not back then.

DVD still of the week: Jason Takes Manhattan

So, back to this atrocity of a movie- one more screen capture from the cut footage of the film. Here's Timothy Burr Mirkovich (Young Jason) crawling out of Jason's mouth while he's drowning in sewage. Some people have wondered how Young Jason got into the sewer and how Jason transformed into Young Jason. Well, he did not transform- Young Jason crawled out of his mouth and Jason disintegrated-- sounds better, right?

Now I can see why they opted with the edit where it looks like that Jason turned into Young Jason over this abomination!