Monday, June 17, 2013

Behind the Scenes of Shelly (Friday the 13th: Part III)

Again, thanks to Brandon Middleton, I am posting this great photo of Larry Zerner in a photo that looks to be either a SFX test, or after his shot. It's definitely a shot that I have never seen before. 

A kind poster let me on to this photo and where it originated:
Actually, this is/was a filmed on-screen death for Shelly that was deleted as a request from the MPAA. If you notice in the pic, Shelly is on the porch, by the Kitchen entrance as he was on-screen in his final appearence when he bursts through the back door to seek help. That hand you are referring to is Jason's bloody hand coming back from around Shelly's chest. Up in the right hand corner is a bird's-eye-view of the TOP of Jason's hockey mask...See the nose? This is after he drags Shelly's body to the back door, from the barn to leave him for dead, then Jason, swiftly runs back to the barn. That is what the noises were that Chili hears before she opens the door to discover Shelly's next "prank". I know this because I have a finished "daily" copy for Friday Part 3 before they shipped it to the MPAA.