Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Deborah "Debi-Sue" Voorhees Selling Nude Pics to Fund UK Visit

from: Misty Moon
Since a good majority of the hits on this blog come here from a keyword associated with Deborah (Debisue) Voorhees (no kidding, there's a lot) I wanted to give her a nice plug. These old photos of Deborah are downright stunning and a must have for any fan.

Would Jason Kill a Child?

Friday the 13th: Part IV
It seems like every board I go on that debates the Friday the 13th films, this subject is discussed. Most people side with the notion that Jason would not kill a child. I am not sure why people come up with this conclusion, since most of those people will agree that Jason is a mindless killer who's driven out of vengeance and evil (whether possessed or an embodiment).