Friday, May 9, 2014

Manny's Orphans (1978)

Back before Sean S. Cunningham wanted to attempt to cash in on the Halloween slasher craze, he attempted to cash in on the sports team full of down-and-out pre-teens craze – al a The Bad News Bears – with Manny's Oprhans and then Here Come the Tigers. 

Manny's Orphans is a tad better than Here Come the Tigers, in my opinion, but both movies failed to capture that fun that The Bad News Bears captured.

Manny's Orphans was made with a slightly lower budget than Friday the 13th, but had the same team of Cunningham (director), Victor Miller (writer), and Steve Miner (editor, assistant) and even some of cast members: Ari Lehman and Irwin Keyes. 

Apparently Manny's Orphans was based on a short story by Miner.