Thursday, January 10, 2013

Kirsten Baker at Blood on the Beach Convention, 2012

Kirsten Baker and JOresky at Blood on the Beach
from: PopSafari 
JOresky shared some convention photos of his visit to the Blood on the Beach convention in Virginia Beach, and one of the photos caught my eye. It was the photo of he and the beloved Kirsten Baker of Friday the 13th: Part II. I can't say she is a "favorite" actress of mine, but I do really love a lot of the movies that she was in like Teen Lust, Gas Pump Girls, California Dreaming, and of course Friday the 13th: Part II. She seems to have stopped acting around 1987, so her resume is short.

I remember how all of us Friday the 13th fans used to wonder where she was at and often debated it; saying that rumors were she was working an a Los Angeles art gallery. One thing someone said stuck in my head and it's how awful she has aged and they showed a photo of Kirsten from Gas Pump Girls with blonde hair (that movie was shot before Friday the 13th: Part II, anyways).

Well, I can safely say that Kirsten has aged gracefully and is still as beautiful as she was when we saw her on the shores of Crystal Lake in 1981.

Kirsten Baker in California Dreaming (1979)
Kirsten Baker in Gas Pump Girls (1979)


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    1. Ive been a Kirsten Baker fan since I
      saw her in Friday the 13th pt 2 and
      shes as beautiful today as she was

  2. Very ice. She was smokin' hot with cropped off dark hair in Steve Miner's Part 2. If that film had more bloodshed and less MPAA imposed cuts, it would have been JUST PERFECT as an old school very early '80s shot American slasher film; I'm not kidding. The mood, setting in Kent, Conn as well as the characters & casting and death set-pieces are all present & accounted for, as well as a nice old school threatening killer & plenty of hotties too int he form of Amy Steel/Marta Kober/Lauren-Marie Taylor & Kirsten Baker, too.

    Interetingly enough I believe she is Norwegian born but raised by a Souther California native family weeks after her aboption. I feel she has aged quite nicely & whomever stted that she has "aged horrible" is on Crystal fuckin' Meth plus some serious mind warping pills that he or she needs to get off of meds wise. lmao

    Anyway I've after never seeing Gas Pump Girls or California Dreaming but I've thought about getting'em on Amazon. She's look good old school fun. She is hot.

  3. Brandon. Please proof read your posts.

  4. So sorry but no can do: This doesn't have an automated word popup though I have it now on a newer laptop, and I often post VERY late at night & then is counting when I even come here these days (I'm very busy with work right now). I feel my posts are fairly intelligible. Peace!