Thursday, December 20, 2012

Surf II starring Jeffrey Rogers

Jeffrey Rogers (left) in Surf II
A great find: Jeffrey Rogers (Friday the 13th: Part III) in the surfer comedy horror Surf II: The End of the Trilogy. Funny thing is that it's not a sequel to any other movie. The synopsis sounds delightful with a great soundtrack, though it's pretty dang hard to find. It reminds me of a bad Troma movie.

Evil Nerd Menlo wants to get revenge on some surfers by selling a bad batch of soda called BuCola which turns people into mutant zombies. It’s up to Jocko, Chuck, Bob and their surfer buddies to save the day.

Here's a clip from the film in a scene with both Stoltz and Rogers. Apparently there was a cast reunion during the 2009 screening at the New Beverly Cinema.


  1. Once again A VERY cool fine my good man! And yeah the plot synopsis does indeed sound like an ol school, shithouse Troma flick from Lloyd Kaufman & Michael Hertz, ect.

    Also kinda reminds me of the slightly overrated "melting bums" cult flick Street Trash, which gave some notable film industry people their start. Sort of it remind me of. Intereting that it was The New Beverly Cinema. They've also had some Friday the 13th Part 3-D cst reuions for us big time Part 3 marks I k now by the way, but I don't live out near L.A. or I would have attended with bells on two full hours early, heh heh. ;-)

    By the way quick update: I too cannot seem to find much on Mr. Jeffrey Rogers. According to the used '04 standard def DVD boset that I own and many others still do, Larry Zerner said on the Part 3-D cat reunion commentary that he was now a New York state doctor, prefering to live in semi-obscurity. Fair enough and respect is respect.

    There is nothing on him on the Part 3-D Blu Ray disc (just re-watched the special features quickly for ya, since they don't last that long anyhow *shrugs*), either. So guess like many other he prefers obscurity. I was honestly suprised that now Seattle-based stand up comic and the Tommy Chong look-alike actor cast David Katims showed up on YouTube years ago on that cast reunion 3-D creening with Manfredinni & Brooker, Tracie Savage and others, ect. In the Crystal Lake Memories copy that I own he basically shit all over Part 3 and compared it to porn/adult films, even personally telling Frank Mancuso Junior & Steve Miner that he thought it was pure shit, ect. Pretty harsh words, eh? Ah well he is entitled to his opinion. It takes a certain "type" to look & collect b-film cinema and more obscure pre self-referationa old school slasher films such as it is, anyhow. Or horror genre films in general.

    By the way: The Internet Movie Database also lists Rogers in the John Avildsen directed sequel The Karate Kid II shot in Hawaii, which I own on Blu Ray. He is credited but I've never been able to spot him. Maybe net time I look it over I shall try for ya. He is probably in the crowded bar sequence where LaRos breaks the ice and his lines might've got droppe from the film, edited out. I DID see Travolta' nephew that was in Part VI who played Cort in the first Karate Kid from '84 though.

    He is one of the apartment complex street kids that hangs out with his hispanic friend that almot befriends Daniel until he take a public Johnny Lawrence/Cobra Kai after school special style ass whoopin' on beach front property.

    1. He can be seen in the bar sequence in "Karate Kid 2." Also guest starred on an episode of Facts of Life (Season 4) which is available on DVD.

  2. Thanks a lot, anonymous. I see him now. Respect.

  3. andy from part 3


  5. he's on an episode of CHiP's too.
    Total hottie.
    I wonder why he quit.
    Maybe he was gangraped by Frank Mancuso Jr and those mobsters who backed friday lol

  6. He a doctor now. Guess wanted to better himself