Friday, February 13, 2009

Fan film review: Winter At Crystal Lake

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I could sum this one up in one statement- I have never been so fucking annoyed in my life! However, I won't stop there because a lot of aspects of this fan film were good. The flow, edits and scoring was done very well, a lot of well-lit outside shots and some (clothed?) sex scenes. The movie was pretty tight, but the characters, oh boy... they annoyed the FUCK out of me. Not a damn one could act themselves out of a game of charades and they ALL overacted to the point where you wanted to choke slam them. To this day I have no idea why people associate bad, annoying characters to Friday The 13th? The acting in this movie reminded me of Crinoline Head.

One thing that was alright was the whole "less is more" approach to the slasher villain. The film did not revolve around Jason and Jason was pretty much kept to a minimum until 3/4 of the way through the movie. I guess that makes this movie plot-driven, and it was. Something that a lot of fan films fail at. The only thing that the movie failed at was Jason- Jason a little dude in a red plaid flannel with a crappy mask- at least he did not raise his arms half way and breathe hard! It was pretty much an old school fan film, kudos!

Okay, really quick, the things I hated; the annoying characters, bad acting and Jason's look. The things I liked; the directing, the plot, the editing, the cinematography and the fact that Jason RAN! The movie is definitely worth a watch!

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