Thursday, June 16, 2011

Give credit where credit is due...

Johnny Hock as Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th: Part V
Lately I have been sing something that makes me smile-- that is the fact that John Hock (a.k.a. John Hocks Conrad) has been included in the lineup of a few conventions. Now a lot of people are probably asking "who the fuck is John Hock?" as it sounds like a bad stage name. No, I am not talking about the "net-famous" emo-kid John Hock, nor am I referring to the ex-L.A. Rams offensive lineman John Hock-- I am talking about the elusive Jason Part V John Hock!

John Hock has been a very prolific stuntman in his own right, doing work for Smokey And The Bandit II, Rambo III, Total Recall and of course Friday The 13th Part V: A New Beginning. John Hock was credited as "stunts" in A New Beginning, however he doubled Tom Morga in at least two scenes. John took the fall out of the barn at the end of A New Beginning (as Roy) as he fell onto the spikes. John took this fall much for the same reason Richard Brooker did not take the hanging in Part III-- to keep the star of the movie safe and intact in a high-risk stunt. John also played Jason in the first scene of the movie as Jason is being dug up in Tommy's nightmare. Below you will see a comparison of Tom Morga (top) and John Hock (bottom) as Jason Voorhees in the opening scene. In an old interview Tom mentions not doing that scene as it was filmed after principal photography was done and he was gone from the set.

So, for anyone attending these conventions, be sure to go up to John and let him know what good job he did and that you appreciate him coming out to meet fans! You can also read this blog post I made: Remembering The Unknown Jasons where I gave a little shout out to John!


  1. Recently I was contacted by Dick Warlock who was the stunt coordinator on Friday Part 5. It was about the SFX face on my site
    Dick Warlock: "[...] Just a note to explain that there was no puppet used to fall from the barn door on Friday 5. Tom Morga did that fall himself. [...]"

    I was not on set during the production, so I can not tell for sure, if either a puppet, Tom Morga or John Hock fell down that barn.


  2. That's odd Tom Morga said John Hock took the fall. Perhaps Dick is mistaken or Tom does not remember. I think I still have the email where he said so.

  3. John Hock is being brought in for convention appearances by me. Eat your heart out Scabby Boy. Any-who John Hock took the fall on the Spikes at the end of Part 5, also he sit up out of the grave at the beginning of part 5 and did that whole scene, and he also did the fight scene with Melanie Kinnaman's character Pam in the shack scene. John Hock also did a few other IMPORTANT scenes.

  4. Maybe you should also get Debbie Evans, Melanie's stunt double who did most of the fight scene with Roy... I have her contact info.

    It would then be an orgy.

  5. I allready have her contact. I also am bringing in Jeannine Taylor, Melanie Kinnaman and all the other Friday 13TH stars to the NJ show in August. Plus Im bringing in a few of the Jasons-ie, Ari,WG,John Hock and Mike Nomad,Melanie Kinnaman and Danny Steinmann in for the Burbank Show next month.

  6. That's certainly good news. Jerry Wallace still lives in CT, I think. I contacted him 1.5 years ago but my last letter was RTS.

    Timothy Burr Mirkovich can be contacted via the Motion Pictures Editor's Guild , his agent is Innovative Artists Craig Mizrahi... when he signed my pics he said he would do conventions.He was young Jason 8.

  7. I spoke with Jerry Wallace about 5 months ago. He lives in Waterbury CT, not far from Kent. Timothy Burr Mirkovich and Spencer Stump have been on my radar for a while now. I also recently spoke to Ellen Lutter and Im going to be getting her out to conventions soon. She has a Great place in Friday 13TH history as the only Female to play Jason in Franchise History.

  8. Met Johnny Hock. cool dude.