Friday, May 15, 2009

Gillette Vs Dash

Carl Fullerton and his creation Jason Voorhees (Warrington Gillette) 
The controversy between Warrington "One Scene" Gillette and Steve "Get My Pictures Off Of Your Fuckin' Table" Dash" by this time is very well known. It has been widely covered in Crystal Lake Memories, His Name Was Jason and online mediums like DeadPit.Com. At this point it is fairly known who is telling the truth and who isn't-- one of the two has more than proven themselves to be a liar and a con artist taking money from fans with a phony movie raffle. I even briefly touched up on it myself by putting up Warington's confession (Guts & Gory) as well as people such as Cliff Cudney calling out his blatant lies.

All of that aside, I wanted to point out the fact that he still is signing his name to Steve Dash's photos, which I find really low. I used to respect Warrington a lot back in the day too-- I understood he let the fame get a hold of him, thus not giving Dash any credit. He confessed to doing only one scene, and it sounded genuine. However, last week I saw a video interview with him once again taking credit for some of Dash/Wallace's work! What a low life to do such thing!

Yeah, maybe I am out to get him because he owes me money for selling me a phony raffle ticket to his movie Bloody Social which will never be made-- he took money from a lot of fans and we all deserve some sort of explanation as to why it has not even been written yet!

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