Wednesday, January 20, 2016

WTF Warrington

Is anyone else getting this spam from Warrington? My spam folder is full of it. Looks like he's a realtor now, which I guess is fitting for a conman. 

It's sort of sad that he's spamming people from his fake Bloody Social donation list. I don't want your homes, I want my Bloody Social investment back! Only been 15 years.

1 comment:

  1. Whoa what a strange creep this con artist/nut job Warrington is. And a total liar as us big time Friday the 13th Part II (or Paramount Pictures years in general) lovers know. Smirked at your comment of "guess he is a realtor now; quite fitting for a con man" remark as well too. lol Unfortunately quite true.

    I've gotten no real e-mail spam myself but then again I've never paid for autographs, personally cared for them, or given any of the Friday actors (or genre actors & actresses that go to those film conventions) any of my hard-earned money either. It does super-suck that he pretty much gotten away with all of that, though, as he no doubt knew the legality of it the whole time. Seems like a total scumbag. Also of all the notable actor/stuntmen that played Jason in the old days (him plus Steve Dash, the late Richard Brooker, Ted White whom seems awesome, C.J. Graham & Kane) his YouTube videos of course seem the most oddest & strangely acted. GUess the guy is ALWAYS acting as most sociopaths do. The guy is a total loser con artist, no doubt. Just look at his face & demeanor.

    Hands down the most embarrassing video is some type of Hippie "vegan/raw foods group" that made a video with him like five years ago or such that is still up there with him hamming it up pointlessly with them as if he is some type of "name catch".