Saturday, January 23, 2016


I know that I neglect this blog greatly, sometimes. I do try and update when I can. But with the awful fate of the Friday the 13th franchise, and horror movies being just complete shit of late, it's really hard to be inspired to write anything.

My main reason in updating today was to say goodbye to For the past ten years a lot of us horror fans tuned in and listened to Creepy and Bill bitch, moan, and commentate on the genre for a couple hours every Thursday from their shack out in the Eastern Kentucky hollers.

This past show will be their last, and with great sadness I say goodbye.

I will say that it was a pleasure to be included on a  few of their Friday the 13th roundtables and to be able to call in from time to time to shoot the shit.


  1. Yeah aside from getting the (a fine off-shoot of Amazon) read audio books on my IPod Classic of the late Gunner Hanson's (RIP) read making of the first TCM book from two years ago and Kane Hodder's read "Unmasked", I don't order much modern horror or pay attention to the websites since I am a bit too old for drama. Glad to somewhat see ya back with two recent posts.

    I also once tuned into a lot and once commented on their much earlier YouTube videos years ago. I had a series of misunderstandings to falling out with oddball run-ins onine with The Creepy Kentuckian (Wes Vance) before he lost weight as a relative of mine had died two days before then and I was in a depressive, super shit mood. I'll admit I yelled at him when I thought he was pointlessly calling me rural & ignorant, which I thought was absurd given how he looked & acted at the time.

    Regardless I did listen to most of their shows before over four years ago and watched a majority of their videos before said amount of time as well too before I exchanged harsh words with Wes that told me to go fuck myself (and I told him the same). Preferred them when they were a bit more obscure & before that Jess woman from Detroit married to Uncle Bill. They had quite the podcast at one time even with the regurgitation of information and a few too many "okay, here's the thing..." said from The Creepy Kentuckian during most of the retro podcasts and a bit too much dumbed down/lame "flesh light jokes".

    Remember you calling in twice or so WAY back when the official Friday site was hacked. The boys were mildly amusing hicks for a while but eventually their telling me of "Oh fuck that guy" in a more obscure Mid Week Obliteration about a past screen name of mine was the final straw. So I stopped listening. God bless 'em and hope they have a nice life afterwards though. doubt they even remember me.

    I wish the franchise the best of luck too with the Friday the 13th name that is, but honestly aside form the up coming game having Harry Manfredinni, Savini the prick doing make-up for it and with having Hodder in it, I'll probably pick it up later on in the year but I am not buying a new gaming system until December (Christmas time) so I won't even be able to play it for several months. Wished 'em the best but like most modern things I hope that it isn't total shit. But I am waiting. I'll pick it up as a collector regardless and just watched the YouTube interviews with Kane, Harry and Savini.

  2. sad to see them go, RIP