Wednesday, November 12, 2014 Up and Running!

New Ted White website is now up and running:  So far it seems there's a lot of great photos of his work, as well as autographed items for sale. Definitely check it out – certainly long overdue!

An open letter from Ted, from
Several people have interviewed me and the one question they always ask is; would you change anything in your life? No. Nothing could ever take the place of my family, my two boys and the love I have for them. Yes, I’ve done many things that most people will never do: I rode with the Jessie James gang. We robbed trains, stagecoaches—just about everything. Oh yeah, I went to the moon as well. I was with Robin Hood in the Sherwood Forest. Boy, what a great time we had. 
 I think of the experience I had in India when I was hunting a tiger that had plagued a village. There he was, ten feet up on a rock. My heart was beating a hundred miles an hour. I got the tiger. I had such a thrill I couldn’t even put it into words.  
Then I found myself, while filming Hatari, riding in a Jeep as a two thousand pound rhino was trying to put its horn through my leg. I can’t tell you how I felt when that shot was over. I was so relieved it was done. And what did I get out of it? “That’s a great shot, Ted.” That’s all I ask for and that’s all you ever get doing stunts. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about one of them. How could I ever live a different life? Some of the great places I’ve been, still in my memory; Germany, India, Paris, London, New Guinea and Africa. And some of the great actors and directors I’ve worked with; John Wayne, Clark Gable, Victor Mature, Rock Hudson, Jim Garner, Howard Hawks, John Ford and David Lean, to name a few. This is my life. I asked for it. I lived it and I loved it. 
– Ted White


  1. Hey horror fans! I’m the son of Ted White who portrayed “Jason” in Friday the 13th The Final Chapter. I finally got off my duff and wrote about the time my dad invited me to the set for one of the kill scenes and his private conversations between director, Joe Zito and effects guru Tom Savini. It’s a bloody and funny, crazy story and I was there to see it go down. I’ve told this story for years but have never written about it. He’s actually a stuntman who did a slue of Westerns and doubled for John Wayne in several of the Duke’s films. This story and many more from his career are now in a paperback compellation called “In The Shadows of Giants.” And the corpse didn’t fall far from the casket as I have had my own share of crazy stories to tell as well. Check it all out soon on Amazon and Kindle. You won’t be disappointed! Like our Facebook page to get notified of the launch!

  2. Too cool!! And yes my good man, beyond time, I agree. I plan to contact him soon about an autograph picture plus to ask him if he wishes to write an actors/stuntmen book about his own personal years in the industry. I would love to see him as the focus of a fan-produced documentary or to see him write a book with a lot of behind-the-scenes tidbits & the filled with a chapter or two of personal anicdotes and travel tales, since traveling is a big hobby of mine & personal interests as well.

    Agreed it was long over-due for him to have an official site in life. Quite poignant his words are as well, too. I even really like its over all "look" too when I clicked on it. As opposed to a really polished piece of modern shit, its a nice "1998/1999" looking 'normal' site that is easy to menuver. Truly I appreciate that it isn't over-blown. Not meant as cut-down but as an under-handed compliment. The site is quite nice ;-)

    1. Yeah, it truly is long overdue. I'm glad to see him getting a lot of fans showing up. It's all good!

  3. In full agreement my good man!! And yes indeed, your father has plenty to be celebrated in his large body of work over the years as well for, too! God bless him & you ;-)

    - Brandon, a long time fan originally from Nashville

  4. Figured this would be the best place to post this.

    Its a unique 30th Anniversary of the Final Chapter. Corey is of course somewhat obnoxious I feel, but it has a nice overall "flow". I only wish that Ted spoke much as I am not as "into" Savini now that I am older, less into special make-up FX plus friends of mine have told me about negative convention experiences with him.

    Enjoy regardless.