Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Kirsten Baker Christmas Goodness "Please Don't Eat The Babies" (1983)

I just checked this movie out and it is worth a watch. We get to see the beloved Kirsten Baker (Friday the 13th: Part II) scantily clad. I never knew about this movie until Brandon Middleton brought it to my attention. Thank you, Brandon!


  1. Hey there Jack my good man! Whoa, you're alive! Heh heh. I've been increasingly busy so sorry I haven't checked this site out in almost two months. And now I return after some Christmas shopping & I see that it lives. Too cool. You're more then welcomed for the movie. So how did ya find it? Amazon or a Torrent site or YouTube? Looks like fun, escapist early '80s entertainment. Peace!

  2. I've seen Friday The 13th Part 2 like a hundred times just because of her!

  3. I had the hots for her for years when F2 was on HBO back in the eighties