Sunday, April 21, 2013

Vinny (Anthony Barrile) the Greaser in Friday the 13th: Part V

Anthony Barrile with Guest; from: Broadway World
Here's a great photo from 2009 of Anthony Barrile (Friday the 13th: Part V) at the Tony Award-winning production Avenue Q's final performance on Broadway.  Read the story here.

Of course we all know and love Anthony as Vinny, the misplaced greaser in Friday the 13th: Part V whose life is ended when he and his friend's car breaks down in close proximity to where Jason impostor Roy Burns has decided to start his murderous rampage. He also stars in one of my all-time favorite horror comedies Girlfriend From Hell!

Anthony Barrile in Friday the 13th: Part V


  1. I wouldnt have noticed him!@!

  2. Indeed, Joel---me either but then again, we ALL become older and proverbial "silver foxes" now. I mean holy shit, I am only 30 years o age and I dye mine regularly around our times a year now already. :) (I use professional dark/coffee-brown Brunette, my natural hair color by the way.)

    By the way to Jack, VERY important: Over the last three days my Yahoo! Mail was hacked and basically I lost that account. My current e-mail is:

    May I have yours again, the whole "xscabboy" one however it was spelled? I was wondering I you liked my "Paramount Friday stars in the same movies" cross over idea with y attached pics? I haven't been able to check my e-mail or almost our days now since I sent it and was wondering. PEACE!

  3. Hey Jack, I don't wanna bug ya but what is your current e-mail address again? Since my previous was hacked last week I forgotten it and I now use a new e-mail account that I use for my YouTube account.

    Anyway have a great day!! I'll e-mail you the pics & idea again in a bit as I found better ones. :D PEACE

    PS: I truly love, and I do mean love your little corner of the web--it more or less appears to be one of the new truly "hate free zones" in our increasingly shittier, intolerant from all sides world. No lie :)