Sunday, February 24, 2013

Old Heidi Kozak Box Girls Article

Anyone remember when Heidi Kozak - Haddad made Shabbat boxes? I remember looking for her in the early 2000s and coming across this article. It's a true classic of the franchise autograph collecting. Heidi has always been very receptive to her fans.

So together with actress Heidi Haddad, she created the Shabbat Box of Questions, whose Star of David-shaped question cards do inspire fun, even soul-searching moments. [...] 

Shabbat Box's origin began on a ski trip during which, while enduring slow service at a restaurant, Haddad says her husband, David, started asking their children -- Jackie, 10, Jamie, 8, and Jake, 6 -- questions "to keep the kids from melting down. And it worked." [...] 
Haddad and Feiler consulted Wilshire Boulevard Temple's Rabbi Steven Leder before finalizing their gift idea. Ever since, the two have been selling their product at charity events. 
One Shabbat, the Haddad family brought out the Shabbat Box, and David Haddad picked up a question that asked what his greatest fear was. He admitted it was public speaking, which surprised Jackie, who shared this phobia. And that's when Jamie admitted her greatest fear: not being the center of attention. Feiler, who has tested Shabbat Box on her children -- Jordan, 10, Matisse, 8, and Shana, 6 -- adds, "We're finding our non-Jewish friends are enjoying them, too." In fact, Haddad and Feiler are already planning sequels, including a Christmas edition.

from: Jewish Journal


  1. Very intersting find indeed. I seem to remember somethin' like this from many years ago on the old official site. On her profile. I had no idea she was one of God's chosen people. I'm devout Roman Catholic myself but I have friends of several faiths.

    Very interesting find on her, and she's aged fine for her age. A very nice find, as per always.

  2. Slightly off topic & please forgive me, but according to the new official franchise site, the later Paraount years may FINALLY be coming to Blu Ray (perhaps) later on this year:

    1. Yes, I saw that. Still, I am not really quick to get them.

  3. Yeah I can't really blame ya there. Ca$h-Amount as I cometimes call Paramount, has really kina hurt themselves & their once quite better name if ya ask me, with all of the double dips over the years. *playful shrugs*

    But if they Do decide to roll'em out later on this year just in time for Halloween season, I'll sell off my remaining standard def ones in order to make room for the rest of the Blu Ray discs on my media shelves and I'll tell ya first about the image quality. :) By the way: what all did ya think of my Camilla & Carey More photos I sent you? Nice 'n rare, eh? :D


  4. being jewish myself i am shocked to see she is too!

  5. Oh she is so boring and shallow

  6. Oh so you know her personally huh? Rather nasty thing to say about her. She sounds like a nice person. Yeah that is very noble of Heidi and her friend to run a religious business like they do. More people should do what Heidi and her friend do in there line of work. Still amazes me two how Heidi stays as young as she has. She still looks real youthful. Pretty fucking hot despite being in her 50's. I would say she is another example of people who get better looking the older they get.