Thursday, February 11, 2010

Help produce Scott Goldberg's "The Forest Hills"

Scott Goldberg is a brilliant writer and director who needs help funding his first full-length movie called "The Forest Hills". Check out the Kickstarter page and check out the donation levels and what you get. Donate as much as $60 and get your name in the credits!

The Forest Hills is a short horror film, directed by Scott Goldberg, that touches on important subjects such as racism, society and rape, all wrapped up in a haunting horror story. We are raising funds for special effects will compliment the effectiveness of this film. $5,000 will allow us to compliment our funds and release a compelling story that will chill viewers to the bone. Yet "The Forest Hills" does not rely solely on shock value as do many horror films; it blends an intriguing story, a haunting premise, and the stunning and priceless abandoned scenery of the eastern coast, featuring locations such as Welwyn Preserve and various other scenic places on Long Island.

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