Thursday, November 5, 2009

Screaming Like Banshees! Night Of The Creeps Bluray

I finally received my copy of Night Of The Creeps on Bluray, and man I really gotta say it's more than I ever anticipated. For anyone who grew up in the 1980's and early 1990's you probably agree with me that this movie is a staple of cable TV and a total 1980's creation. I remember watching this on VHS-- and many years later after DVD had already been a handful of years in production-- and hoping to get it on DVD and never being able to find it. Years later, the same-- never a DVD except a Laserdisc transfer on DVDr and really that never pleased me.

When I heard that rights to this had finally been secured and there would indeed be a DVD/BD release I was ecstatic- even more so than the news of The Monster Squad. Now that I finally got this, and after a week finally had time to watch it I was shocked at how well this looked. From everything to color, clarity and sound it was all nearly flawless (well, maybe 8/10) and it completely opened up another dimension of watching the movie.

The extras-- well, there were tons. Everything from some cast interviews with the main cast, and some of the frat boys turned zombies- AKA some of the best special makeup effects people in the business, and of course Tom Adkins. The entire movie, extras and the commentaries were just a fun experience, even more fun than seeing this movie for the first time way back then.

You really gotta pick this sucker up.

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