Thursday, May 7, 2009

Crappy horror movie review Thursday: Delta, Delta, Die! (2003)

Mother Finch and her girls have an insatiable taste for men; their flesh, that is. The Delta Delta Pi sorority girls are not only the most popular and wealthy on campus, but also the most deadly. Now as they prepare for their Twentieth Anniversary Homecoming, a meddlesome student Tobias has enlisted DDP Charter Member Rhonda Cooper. Together they attempt to end the sororities reign of culinary terror that grips the California campus.

Okay, I won't lie; there are three reasons to watch this flick: Julie Strain. Brinke Stevens. Tiffany Shepis. All gave good performances even though the script they were reading was absolute shit. It's really hard to even take Julie Strain's scenes seriously; they are generally all the same in every movie she has been in since her accident. She does soft-core porn from her home and somehow the director finds a way to splice it into the movie.

I found this movie boring, and uneventful. Even the gratuitus nudity couldn't make this film watchable. The sets were horrible; a bar setting that was obviously in someone's TINY basement... A sorority with only 4 members? C'mon!. The bloody scenes were alright, but even the blood did not redeem this lack lustre' script and shooting. The movie was a clusterfuck of shit and is the epitomy of bad independent horror.

Really, I can't stress enough how bad this movie is. (once again, sigh) It is poorly written, and the story is crap. I generally find alot of good in even the worst movies (i.e. Bloody Murder, Death Factory, etc), but this one was one of those movies that you just can't watch. Thankfully they decided to throw in 2 legendary scream queens (Julie Strain & Brinke Stevens) and a great b-movie scream queen (Tiffany Shepis) to actually make those movie worth ONE watch. Hell, anything with Tiffany in it is worth a watch.

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