Friday, May 24, 2013

Unknown Part III Bust

from: Horror Sniped
This was for sale on eBay a while back and is now archived on If anyone has any information on this; the maker, if they are still available, price please let me know.


  1. Pretty sure that's the full bust that Lewis Frye has been offering lately. It's from the full Josh Stephenson (Dead End Hollow) sculpt. That one there may have been finished by Josh himself or another artist who painted a blank - not sure. It doesn't look like a Lewis paint job to me, but the pics are kinda fuzzy, so who knows. Lewis is still selling these as we speak though, since he owns the mold now IIRC. He does them on a pre-order basis.

  2. Bloody's right, my sculpt, Lewis owns the mold and makes 'em now. Gonna do a kind of Brooker tribute here soon, though, 'smiling' part III Jason.