Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Jason Voorhees Goes to the E.R.

Steve Dash's legendary hospital visit whilst shooting
Friday the 13th: Part II
From the collection of Jonathan Yuhas
So, now Steve Dash's story of his hospital visit is now Friday the 13th folklore, but for those who have never heard it, it's simple. Steve's finger was struck by Amy Steel's machete while filming the final scene and nearly severed. Dash went to the local hospital's ER for stitches, but felt like playing a prank on the doctors

"My most memorable moment was when the machete was stuck in my shoulder and I lay on the ground dying.Cliff Cudney (Stunt coordinator) leaned over me and asked "Are you OK buddy?" And I thought for a moment and said "Lets go to the hospital with the machete in my shoulder we can have some fun with the doctors and nurses" He agreed and off we went. I walked into the emergency room walked up to the counter where the nurses were sitting and said with the machete sticking out of my body and them staring at me "I have a terrible headache, can you help me" seeing all the doctors and nurses running around in a panic me?" What a riot, I will always remember that moment."
- Steve Dash

Of course we have all seen the below photo of Steve being tended to by a nurse. It was first circulated by Erik Nash and his defunct website

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  1. HisNameWasBrandonMarch 6, 2013 at 12:36 PM

    Dear God yes!! We all know of this story from the HisName Was Jason special features doc as well as the CLMs book & soon-to-be-documentary. I always wanted to see the two top pics. I've never seen them. Fascinating to me as I feel older video tape & older poleroid photos have a certain air of "truth & older timeless beauty" to the, if that makes any sort of personal sense whatsoever.

    VERY cool to see these un-earthed, bless technology. And yeah the bottom one with the nurse we've all seen. It was in the CLMs book. VERY cool, none the less! :D