Friday, February 15, 2013

Two Friday Women for Friday!

Robbie Morgan from Friday the 13th (1980)
Jensen Daggett from Friday the 13th: Part VIII
from: Tony Urban Photography
Some great photographs from Tony Urban of Robbi Morgan (Friday the 13th) and Jensen Daggett (Friday the 13th: Part VIII) from Monster Mania 12. He has a lot of others up as well and some great ones of Camilla and Carey More from Friday the 13th: Part IV. 


  1. Nice post Jack. Jensen still looks as gorgeous as ever. JTM may suck, but she's always why I can keep watching it lol.

    And in looking at some of the other pics via that link - holy SHIT does Judie Aronson look AMAZING. I swear her and VC Dupree don't even look like they've aged. Judie looks better now than she did back then, if I'm honest! Smoking' hot!

  2. Ah very cool! I just clicked on Mr. Tony Urban's website and checked them all out. Big time cult film fanatic & collector that I am, I'm pretty much a fan most of the actresses (and few actors, natch) there. :)

    GORGEOUS photogrpahy, I must say. Robbie Morgan has aged very well, and I think looks even more attractive then in the old 1980 released film. And yes I've been a big time fan & admirerer of Jensen Daggett for many years now too. I have a Gallagher the comic (prop comic) DVD set, and she is on several shots of his "Overboard" 1987 taped show from Longbeach, California out in LA.

    She has aged VERY well, I must compliment her, and she is one of the few reasons to have my Deluxe Edition of Part VII turned on. Amy Steel continues to defy her age & to look delicious, and I mean that believe it or not with ALL due respect. :) It appears that Don Coscarelli has solved his old sedentary lifetyle weight problem later onin life; so yeah, good for him. He looks much beter & happier these days. I fully respect anyone that turns their life aorund, health-wise. That is no lie. :) Especially in this day & age.

    Fairuza Balk I always dug. I honestly thought she'd go on to be a much, much bigger charatcer actress to tell ya the truth. I always dug off-beat, quirky & eccentric women to tell ya the truth (kinda like Shelly DuVall in The Shining--I'm not kidding, she is not bad on my eyes). I hear she is really cool in real life. :) And whoa, Judie Aronson continues to look even more delicious very time I see her! She must tae REALLY cool care of herself & spend long hours in the gym & eating fairly boring; congrats to her! If I ever see her at a convention I'd love to buy her a few drinks. :D

    Anywya VERY cool photo set that gentleman has. It was so surreal to see Jensen's young son, too. I gues she has childrenonly later on in life. Also, huge TFC mark that I am, I welcomed as per always Camilla & Care More, as ya know. :) I recently found my saved photos of them, rare, if ya want I can e-mail'em to ya. :D PEACE!

  3. HisNameWasBrandon again. Or Brandon Middleton, whichever. Just found this nice flannel-clad VERY mid '90s ('96 to be exact) MTV's "The Grind" clip. Though I am not too into Friday Part VIII, I do occasionally watch my blu ray of it for the oddly amusing coemmnatry from Hodder/Daggett/Reeves and for Jansen herself.

    The film itself I feel is, flaws & all, the best of the overrated Kane Hodder-starring Jason "monster-like" films as I preferred the more Exploitation-feeling retro slashers of the first five films. But I digress.

    Here is a clip of Jensen Daggett from 1996 promoting the mid '90s sitcom The Single Guy with her rocking some fine mid '90s fashions:

    Since ya haven't posted anything retro in a while, though ya might enjoy making a fresh or new story about it.