Thursday, January 17, 2013

Friday the 13th: Part VII Shooting Location

GeneralLeeFanatic from the forum recently made a trip to Stockton, Alabama to visit the shooting location of Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood. Obviously all that's left is the lake, some remnants of a dock and a firetruck (appears to be the one used in the movie) rusting into the ground. The two homes used in the movie were only shells without any interiors. All of the exteriors were shot in Alabama and the interiors in various places in California.

Here are some of the photos as it is today. Go to the forum to check out the rest.


  1. This is fucking awesome! I live in Alabama and have always wanted to go and visit this spot. I've got a buddy who recently moved to Foley, so I may have to crash with him soon and finally do this field trip myself. Foley isn't too far from where they shot this stuff. I'm a HUGE fan of The New Blood, as it's my fave entry from the later sequels. I know many fans have come to dislike Part 7 over the years as time has passed (or just always hated it lol), but I still love the hell out of it. It's the last great installment from the Paramount years IMO.

  2. Nice. I think the part 7 location contributes to the "depressing" vibe of The New Blood.

    1. I agree. I am from the South East and it has its own unique look and feel. Jason Lives captured some of it with the high pines and TNB also did with the swamps, dirt roads, and mossy oaks. Even in the Summer, places in the South East have no green forests; they are gray with moss.

  3. Yup another great entry in your site once again Jack my good man.

    I've NEVER really warmed up to the highly flawed, shot with an oddball white & blue-ish tinted light scheme Part VII (1988) as I find it a poorly acted in many respects, third rate Final Chapter (1984). I wish that there was basically no party goin on and that Tina was better written as a heroine & that maybe her shit-heel friends instead of potentially poking fun at her type non-friends & Nick woul all have been written differently.

    And yeah I liked Part VI a bit more for the more professional medium-budget looking way that that particular sasher entry was shot. I liked it's red/orange Georgia clay and its tal Covington, Ga pins as Jack noted. Either are really my faves but I can watch Part VI a bit more, skipping over its many goofy parts. Part VII had some hotter chicks & tits 'n ass shots, though *grumble* ;-)

    And yeah I was born in Nashville but since age one years of ge raised in the "Mid-South": Jackson, TN which is a fine country and also my mother's rural home counties of Caruthersville & Kennett, Misouri near by which is still several miles behind THe Mason Dion Line. I then returned to Tennessee to grow up in Jackson too. I'm proud ot have met Carl Perkins at his own restaurant before he passed, too, before anyone else asks. :)

  4. Yeah Brandon. VII is definitely an acquired taste. In many ways it's the most cynical, uncreative entry (despite JCB's assertions at the time that the metaphysical elements would take the mythology into uncharted territory), but it has something. It's sort of an underdog, ya know? With many other chapters being either revamps or conclusions, this was just "another sequel" and there's a sort of safety in that. It's just a Friday the 13th movie. Dunno if I'm making sense here...!

  5. To Dusk,

    Yeah Part VII was never really my bag now that Im much older (on the 28th of this month here in a few more days, I turn 30 years old, by the way--grumble grumble). I sort of feel hat Part VI was a unique one step before it cut-off point. Some of us stayed on for the series and some were so disappointed with PArt V's whole "Pseudo-Jason/Roy Burns imposter guy" that they've also might've left around that time at the theaters/cinema's as well, too.

    Part VI before Part VII introduced a lot more cornball old school humor & "movie dialogue" as Tom McLaughlin noted in his old '04 boxset commentary as he LOVES older seminal classic seminal from like Frank Capra and the like, ect. Also it introduced firearms for the first real tie in the series, plus it introduced the many overly long 'n loving shots as herr Voorhees as the new & improved unstoppable from lightening in a Monster-of-Frankstein type of way anti-hero, ect.

    I can apprechiate it but I really prefer the first four more old school Exploitation style films. With even more censored gore frames & the like, the later half of the Paramount distributed series, for my liking, sort of became a more older een version of the already kinda slightly overrated when viewed as an adult MonsterSquad film from Fred Dekkard, ect.

    I really prefer Jacon more in the shadows as a killing machine that is somewhat more stoppable & bleeds more and is more human with his original Parts 3-D & Final Chapter (IV) mask with khaki trousers & what appears to be an olive-colored long sleeve dress shirt witht he work boots dirtied up, ect. His dinner plate looking mask & pointless belt never sat well with me, or the later series victims, ect. But alas to each their own! :D