Friday, January 25, 2013

Debbie Evans, Melanie Kinnaman's Stunt Double

The very attractive stunt woman, Debbie Evans, who doubled for Pam in Friday the 13th: Part V (A New Beginning), most memorably the barn fight scene with Roy Burns, is one of the most sought after motorcycle stunt woman in the business and has done over 200 movies. She is also a very nice woman.

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Debbie Evans is considered one of Hollywood’s top stuntwomen, appearing in over 200 movies and television shows and is considered a pioneer in the industry. Her work has helped to open doors for other stuntwomen. Although she specializes in car and motorcycle stunts, she has also done many that involve falling down stairs, getting hit by cars and high falls. She has done just about every type of stunt imaginable, including setting the world distance record for an airramp jump. An airramp is the device used in a movie to propel the stunt person through the air after an explosion. [...] 
At the tender age of 6-years old, her dad took her out and showed her how to ride. At the time, people weren’t so concerned with safety and so without a helmet she remembers taking off and crashing into a pile of rubble. After making sure she was okay, her dad asked her if she was going to get back on the bike and ride. She did, and she’s been on one ever since. [...] 
When Debbie was just 15-years old, she was considered the best female trials rider and as a result, she received a factory sponsorship from Yamaha. Since there were no female competitors she rode for Yamaha in the Men’s National Trials competition. [...]
Shavar Ross stated that this was actually his stunt double and Evans
Debbie Evans with a chainsaw
A close-up of Evans' hands
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  1. she looks hot on that dirtbike! my kinda woman there!!

  2. I concur lol. She looks mighty fine in that pic.