Sunday, December 30, 2012

I Have Warned Thee...

Clem David Wiechman (David Wiley), who's known to Friday the 13th fans as the resident prophet of doom Abel in Friday the 13th: Part III had a long career in show business, but is more known as a recording engineer to many stars including Elvis Presley. Here's something I found about him on

Clem David Wiechman - Engineer, Actor. David Wiechman moved to California to pursue his acting career. His first job was as the man going to the electric chair in the classic film “Beyond A Reasonable Doubt.” Soon thereafter he landed a recurring role on "Hogan’s Heroes."
He took the stage name "Wiley" because he thought it would be easier to pronounce and spell than his given name… Much to his dismay, on his first interview, the secretary asked "Is that spelled W-Y-L-I-E?" 
He took a night job at ABC Messenger Service to support himself between acting roles; one of his nightly pickups was at the infamous Radio Recorders recording studio here in Hollywood. Soon he was working at Radio, first as an assistant engineer and then as a "mixer." Because of his musicianship, outstanding ear and technical talent, he became quite well known, and was sought after by composers and artists in all fields of music.

Among the artists he recorded are Elvis Presley, Mae West, Nino Tempo & April Stevens (including their #1 hit "Deep Purple"), Shelly Manne, Les McCann, Jan & Dean, and Glen Campbell. 
When Radio Recorders closed, he and three partners bought "The Annex" on Sycamore and he continued with his recording career.

[...] David died peacefully at home, in his own bed, on February 5th, 2007.

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