Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hatchet 2 news.

So, Bloody Disgusting announced some casting news regarding Hatchet 2, and a few things sort of struck me odd. Kane Hodder will be back as Victor Crowley as well as a lot of the production team and crew with exception to actress Tamara Feldman, the heroine of Hatchet. My gripe is the fact tha there is a new special make-up effects artist (however he did work on the first Hatchet movie) who vowed to give Victor Crowley a new and improved look.

I'll be the first to admit that Victor Crowley looked like an insane mime inside a bad rubber suit in the first Hatchet movie, but why change hos looks? One of the biggest complaints about the Friday The 13th franchise is the fact that Jason's face changed drastically from movie to movie. Here is a chance for a new franchise with the same film crew to carry on with perfect continuity and now they are going to change the look of the killer? Pretty fucking lame and I hope the change is not that drastic, it could be a bit less "funny" looking. I just could not get behind his old look, however I would vote for continuity over changing that fact.

I just found it quite odd.

The second thing I wanted to complain about was the whole "twice the amount of kills!" Am I alone when I say I'd rather have 8 nicely done, bloody and brutal kills than say 16 kills where some are great, some are lame and some are completely offscreen? When you have so many kills you know that half of them will be generic and completely run of the mill. So, why are people in the need of a high body count when about half of them will completely lack any impact?

Ah well, we'll see how this movie turns out.

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