Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My new score: Part V bloody dream mask.

Being a huge fan of A New Beginning and a fan of Crash's work, after I saw one of these dream hocks that he did some time ago I decided that I wanted one for myself. Here are some photos from Crash's site of my hock-- it's done on a clear blank and screen accurate to a tee. One thing I really love about this hock is the Frankenstein look to it with the screws holding the straps and buttons on. This was probably because David Miller removed them to make a mold to produce
the Roy hocks that were used in the movie.

Here are some close ups of the hock; the right side and the left side. Also, here are a couple reference photos of the screen used hock; a publicity photo of Tom Morga and the actual mask from Dick Warlock's collection.

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