Friday, April 3, 2009

Fan Film Friday: The Woods

The next shoot was another full day where we shot some key scenes with Jenn and her death, as well as some other scenes with Shawn. All went off without a hitch-- Jenn was a great actor! This really got me excited for things to come. So, we took a few weeks off and I shot a short with both Jenn and Amber called "Help Me" and I was very surprised how great of an actor both Jenn and Amber were.

So, the very last shoot was in the last part of Summer, a half day where I shot some scenes with Nick as well as his death and even some inserts of Jenn and her death. Pretty much all there was left to shoot was some small scenes in a truck, and some hiking scenes and the key scene with Amber and Jenn-- which was the very scene I shot with Katie and Jessica months before. However, it never happened. Winter and the cold came fast and we put it on hold until the Spring-- this Spring. Sadly, the project was scratched as Amber moved, Nick just moved and Jenn now has a very time-intensive job.

The entire shoot was fun even though of all of the problems that we went through. It really got me very familiar with shooting, directing, and all of the labor, shots, cuts, re-shoots and second-unit work that goes into even a very badly made low budget fan film! So, here is some of the footage that I have as well as some still photos. It may not be a great film, but like I said I would not trade this experience for the world!

In the end, the cast looked a lot like this:

Nick Oring as Nick (not shot)
Jessica Gartz as Jessica (not shot)
Aliesha (forgot the last name) as Jessica (recast, not shot)
Dustin Brezowski as Hunter
Bill DeFreis as Paul
Jack Cook as Jake
Nick Lawrence as Chris
Shawn Green as John
Jessica Yerger as Sarah (scenes shot, recast)
Katie Heimbeuger as Amy (scenes shot, recast)
Jenn Wierzba as Sarah
Amber Norton Amy (scenes not shot)
Brandon Dunn as Jason 1 (scene one)
Howie James as Jason 2 (scene one insert)
Jack Cook as Jason 3 (rest of movie)
Nick Lawrence as Jason 4 (stunt Jason)

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