Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Friday The 13th 2010: My Wish List

So, with Friday The 13th 2009 being such a great success we are being (blessed) with another installment-- probably in 3-D and if the rumors are correct without Derek Mears. Although Brad Fuller has said Mears will indeed come back, you never know. A couple months back some rumors surfaced that the chode Tim Sylvia will be donning the mask for the sequel and I have to say that would be a fucking mistake. Not only does his body look out of shape and portly, but he just does not have the body of Jason Voorhees.

Another rumor floating around is that the opening sequence will take place in the Winter, which has been something a good amount of fans has wanted for some time now. I'm on the fence about it as long as it's done right, it may work. I mean, Camp Crystal Lake supposed to be in the Northeast USA, which is infamous for it's snow so it makes sense.

I personally just want another gritty installment. I liked a lot about the remake, and I also disliked a lot. I'm curious how they will bring back Jason this time- if the ending to Friday The 13th 2009 was indeed legit (that he crashed through the dock). Who knows, the ending may be written as a dream or some other lame tactic that was used and overused in the original saga. One thing that I do not want is a) an elaborate backstory b) supernatural elements focused on and explained and c) making Jason so superhuman that he can withstand an absurd amount of abuse. Pretty much keeping those aspects to a respectable minimum will end up being more effective.

When it comes down to 3-D, it's sort of scary- this aspect can pretty much set the tone for the movie. It's very hard to to a movie in 3-D and keep a dark, gloomy atmosphere intact- case and point My Bloody Valentine 3-D. Some aspects of My Bloody Valentine 3-D were great- however when the 3-D gags surfaced the movie not only fell flat, but it added more cheese than a Chicago-style pie. It just comes down the the fact that movies shot for 3-D viewing have to be seen in 3-D to be fully appreciated. There's no way in hell that I am going to watch a movie everytime with 3-D glasses on- no thank you to a severe migraine! One great thing about the flawed Friday The 13th Part III 3-D movie is that most of the 3-D gags were hidden (i.e. not coming at you in the form of a flying axe) and were more or less subtle things like poles, walking rats and yo-yos. This makes that movie that much easier to watch in 2-D format. So, compare that to My Bloody Valentine 3-D where a lot of the 3-D gags were in your face, flying objects that just look silly in 2-D.

With all of that being said, I really see this entry as a make it, or break it sequel. I'm sure it will either be a success or something that fans just won't be able to get behind. I just want a Friday The 13th that feels like it can succeed without comedy, cheesiness and tongue-in-cheek statements.

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