Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Big day for Friday The 13th.

So, yesterday Friday The 13th I-III and the long awaited Friday The 13th documentary "His Name Was Jason" was officially released yesterday. I am proud to say that I got them on the first day and have not had time to watch them yet. Please do the franchise a favor and pick them up! If you needed fodder until you do- here's a Friday The 13th blog review on "His Name Was Jason"!

It was also nice to see Jensen Daggett (Rennie; Jason takes Manhattan). She was gorgeous back when she played Rennie, and she’s just as stunning as ever now. She didn’t mention much about her current lifestyle, which none of them did, but she did mention in passing that she had boys.
MMMM.... Jensen Daggett.

I will shush.

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