Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Adrienne King & Betsy Palmer talk briefly about Friday The 13th.

From Shock Till You Drop.

Shock: One of the special features on the DVD I enjoyed was the convention panel and seeing the turnout you both had for that...

When people line up and I sign the autographs for them and they want to take the pictures with me, or if they have babies, they have me hold the babies. I find it sweet. It's very dear, the love they express towards Mrs. Voorhees - for all of the naughty things she did, which I think are justified so all the little children wouldn't die at that damn camp. Close it down. Get rid of those people. I've done many things and have done a lot of shows on Broadway, but Friday the 13th is the one I get recognized for. I approached Mrs. Voorhees with the same sincerity I would approach any role and I guess it paid off, didn't it?

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