Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tom Morga interview.

Fans may love this, he speaks more about his stunt-doubling Ramis in Ghostbusters however Morga also played Leatherface (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 opening scene), Halloween 4 (Many scenes, most of the beginning) and Jason Voorhees/Roy Burns.

Here ya go.

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  1. HisNameWasBrandonJuly 9, 2016 at 1:04 AM

    That is correct to the post up above with Kane Hodder being (according to his audio book "Unmasked") Leatherface "A good quarter of his onscreen time whenever he handles the saw mostly for insurance reasons" (his words from his audio book I got in his voice, not mine) and yeah, also about the Freddy razor-glove at the end of Jason Goes To Shit as I call JGTH. He talked about him more or less playing "three slasher icons" as well. Had he played any pick-up shots as The Shape (Michael Myers) in a future Halloween installment, then I do think he shall be a clear victer.

    Agreed with this post that Mr. Morga is underrated, even though I already knew well of this information. Its also prove that you don't need to be truly "hulking" or a very "imposing 6'3" and the like" to be a fine/terrific stuntman or a slasher icon.

    Also Kane's book is well worth getting online audio-wise for genre fans. Mine was free with an Audible.com credit (an off-shoot of Amazon with my account) though as he noted his "research" in taking on the role in '88 with his "making like & a dislike column" and with his initial dislike for how "stuff and almost robotic-like" the other actor/stuntmen came off to him, he does sometimes come off as douche. I still as a genre fan wanna see his upcoming To Hell & Back: The Kane Hodder Story documentary after the trailer hit on YouTube last month, though. Its a mostly fine book; he just has a lot of bad personality/asshole-ish moments a lot. Wished that Ted White (real name Alex Bayouth) would make a book on himself & himself only while he is still here, though.