Tuesday, February 3, 2009

HorrorDVDs.com reviews Friday The 13th Blu-Ray.

Probably one of the best and in-depth reviews thus far. Rhett even goes further and compares the BD transfer with the Deluxe DVD transfer, Box Set Transfer and bare-bones DVD transfer- give it a read!

Friday the 13th is a slasher film like no other, so quaint, simple and downright accessible, yet packed to the brim with gruesome gore effects. The other films may have one-upped the gore, but none have captured that innocent campground nostalgia the way this first film has. This new release gives fans what they’ve been asking for with a ton of extras from all over that provide hours of Friday mythology. The new 5.1 surround track really opens the film up, and the Blu-ray visuals are sharper, filled with greater detail and fuller colors. There’s only one problem with this release, but unfortunately it’s big. Eleven percent big. The film has been zoomed in significantly from previous releases, often compromising the compositions. It’s a substantial shortcoming, and something that needs to be addressed by Paramount immediately. Until this issue is fixed, this new release is incomplete and cannot be recommended. Why does Friday the 13th get all the bad luck?
This beautiful close-up had me sold at the get-go- go ahead and give it a clicky-dicky!

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