Friday, March 1, 2013

Did Carl Fullerton Play Jason?

Carl Fullerton doing some SFX sexing

We are all well versed in the whole Gillette vs. Dash "who played Jason" debacle. And we all know that Jerry Wallace and Ellen Lutter were also people who did scenes as Jason. However, much like Tom Savini playing the killer during his special effects gags, Warrington Gillette did state that he believed that special make-up effects Carl Fullerton may have played Jason after he left the production. Many people laughed at that, but I always thought it sounded plausible. 

Anyhow, above, is a shot of Carl Fullerton preparing the death of Jeff (Bill Randolph) and Sandra (Marta Kober) in full Jason gear. So, this to me, definitively answers that question: Carl Fullerton did play Jason in Friday the 13th: Part II in at least one scene.

"I had no idea who did most of the stunts because I wasn't there. I only assumed Carl Fullerton or the Director did them. Since I knew Carl I would keep giving credit to him."
-- Warrington Gillette


  1. I have seen this pix around the web and I never noticed how he was wearing the Jason suit! Great eye!!

  2. HisNameWasBrandonMarch 1, 2013 at 1:19 PM

    Interetingly enough, it DOES indeed look plausible there Jack.

    Perhaps it was before anyone else could be signed on to star, right after Warringotn the liar was fired & right before Mr. Dash was hired, perhaps, and they just needed some insert shots? Meh whom all knows?

    And did you know that Mr. Fullerton is now an Oscar winning? Yes sir, he is a a master at what he does. Its a damn shame the MPAA hit Parts 2 & V as wel as even the super shit VII the hardest. Part 2 is actually damn near-perfect as a retro slasher, such as it is. And I LOVE it overly dry yet vegitation filled, rural county in the NorthEast backwoods look. While great even with the MPAA-imposed cuts, with the gore back reinserted I would give it even an extra star. The Steve Miner sequels along with TFC remain my favorite films in the series along with feeling that the 1980 original is still kinda underrated in the overall cannon of the franchise.

    1. From what I understand, Dash wasn't hired directly after Warrington's firing. He was hired about a week later. Dash said on the GandG forum that he was a little over 2 weeks on set, which makes sense. The shooting time for Part II was about a month, I believe.
      So in that time, I bet there were a lot of stand ins.

    2. Also, Dash once said on GandG that he did all of Jason sans Warrington's scene. My belief is that he too wasn't aware of the other stand ins and not that he was trying to take credit of other peoples' work in the film.

  3. HisNameWasBrandonMarch 1, 2013 at 10:38 PM

    Very good posts, once again my good friend.

    Anyway I believe it was a six week shoot, like most unlike Parts 3-D & THe Final Chapter. I believe most of the films were like around five or so week shoots, if I stand corrected respectfully? An yeah for the CLMs book & the HNWJ documentary and extras interview, I believe it was CLiff Cundney whom called him right not long after Nighthawks was shot so that indeed might've been like a full six or seven days on set and indeed most of these films revolve around the violent death set-pieces, and so yeah, I feel it was just all Mr. Dash durin those final two reels of footage but ineed there was Jason stuff before that, so indeed there is notable room for stand-ins, indeed. Great point.

  4. Im agreeing with jc on this. it seems more likely carl played jason for the special effects gags 2 make sure they were carried out properly.

  5. HisNameWasBrandonMarch 5, 2013 at 6:50 PM

    Perhaps yes, I can sort of agree on that one. :)

    Mean while all through out the two final reels worth of footage that was Mr. Dash, though.:) Especially the failed "poof of smoke that was-supposed-to-be-blood" infamous gag that they coudn't get right due to mechanical error but left it in the film anyway. So I'll ive Mr. Dash the perdominant credit with also side-respect to that Lutter woman from the wardrobe department for the opening revenge kill of Alice from part 1 and as well as Jerry Wallace for some of the POV shots as Jason watches Jeff & Saundra in the truck approaching the camp with someone else.

    1. If Fullerton did Jason, it was only for Jeff and Sandra's death where it had to be ON point and MAYBE Russell Todd's.

  6. HisNameWasBrandonMarch 6, 2013 at 12:17 AM

    Good calls. It was probably a certain point in which the false body ha to be pierced and also Russell Todd's was just an insert shot so it could have been anybody as well before Dash was cast.

    I always had a minor problem with Russell's (Scott) kill. The wound that opens up is a diagonal one as oppose to the slash made which is a regular straight-across cut. But alas, that is just my Asperger's fuiled fan-boy picking at it. :) Also I always wish that the machette was reversed the proper way on the late Tom McBride's kill. It looks kina corny to be of the dull end, although meant to be more painful I suppose.

  7. I am positive that Carl said in a Fangoria interview that he had do play Jason. Look it up.