Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dark Delicacies: His Name Was Jason signing.

It's a little too bad that I don't live closer to California- they seem to have the best conventions and horror gatherings. Ryan at Shock Till You Drop attended and took some photos; this one especially looks awesome. Check out Ted White holding the newest young-Jason Caleb Guss- looks almost father-figure like!

Jason Voorhees took Burbank, California. Make that multiple Jasons; many of his victims, and final girls, too. Last night, Dark Delicacies (4213 W. Burbank) held a signing event for this week's DVD release of His Name Was Jason.

The guest turnout - a mixture of cast and crew from twelve Friday the 13th films (that includes the reboot) - was so large, Dark Delicacies enlisted the help of Emerald Knights, a comic book store across the street, to hold everyone. The fans didn't seem to mind, braving the line outdoors, and the plunging temperatures, to meet the likes of Kane Hodder, Amy Steel, CJ Graham, John Fury, Shavar Ross, Judie Aronson and many more. Spirits inside were high and the "Jasons" appeared to get along just fine, although one bailed out early for unknown reasons.
Head on over to Shock Till You Drop and check out the rest of the photos.

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