Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Friday The 13th Blu-Ray framing problems.

Well, it's been discussed allover the internet- the Friday The 13th Blu-Ray's picture has been cropped at least 10%, some people don't seem to care and others are livid and want this issue to be corrected.


The new FRIDAY THE 13TH Blu-ray and DVD discs have an image that has been zoomed in and re-framed 10.6% compared to the original theatrical ratio (and the ratio presented on previous discs). How you feel about this? Too small to matter, or too big to ignore?
Feel free to discuss this on the FridayThe13th Blog.

A reader had this to say as well:

The new disc has the proper framing. When the MPAA ordered the film cut in 1980, they went back and edited the original negatives, as the film was not framed for theatres yet. And they actually slipped up while doing that and left more picture seen that the director intended. You'll notice the original, uncut version has always been framed like the new DVD. Look at the region 2 DVD. It's the same as this new one. I think the USA R rated version was the "wrong" one all along, and didn't have the picture quite as close in as originally intended.

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