Friday, August 15, 2014

The Gillets: Bloody Social?

I think all of us is pretty aware of F. Warrington Gillette's (maybe, maybe not) film Bloody Social was about his mother allegedly killing his father, and all for money. I got bored and looked them up and it turns out that the Gillet (how his last name is actually spelled) family was a pretty well known family in Palm Beach, Florida.

His mother was a very well known socialite, very active in the arts and headed many benefits. His father, Francis Warrington Gillet, Jr., also mingled with politicians, raced horses (Explains Warrington, III's love of horses!), and kept close ties with very wealthy people. 

I found nothing on his death other than an article about Warrington, III hiring investigators and exhuming his father's body for investigation and his obituary (which said he died from complications of heart disease). However, his mother Eles, did divorce Warrington and re-marry. "Warry" was her second husband, who she met mid-divorce from her previous husband. She was also a heiress to the Ingalls Steel fortune ("Warry" was heir to a cereal fortune), and who knows how much money she took from Gillet. In 1985 she offered her home to Prince Charles and Princess Diana while they visited Palm Beach. 

This couple was very well followed, as I found articles from their stay in New York (5th Avenue apartment, of course), announcing their trip to Paris, their social gatherings and even someone robbing a statue from their lawn.

On Feb. 14, F. Warrington Gillet III-known as “Little Warry” to his friends-plans to file a motion in Baltimore County Circuit Court in Towson, Md., to get his father’s body exhumed from a Maryland churchyard and an autopsy performed. For the past several months, the 43-year-old former stockbroker and Manhattan resident has been telling friends that his father-F. Warrington Gillet Jr., or “Big Warry”-died under mysterious circumstances last May at his Palm Beach estate, and that Big Warry’s wife, Elesabeth Ingalls Gillet, might know more about it than she’s letting on.  
In addition to trying to get his father’s body exhumed, Mr. Gillet has hired a private investigator. Mr. Gillet’s sleuthing over his father’s death coincides with his attempt to break back into Manhattan society. His barbs at his stepmother have recently landed him some short mentions in the Daily News and New York Post gossip pages, with one item coming from a November e-mail Mr. Gillet sent to his friends, in which he wrote: “Watch how this unfolds. She is not going to get away with this. This will be the biggest bomb to ever hit Palm Beach. You watch.” (Read the rest:


  1. Honestly my final opinion on him? Just a plain weird-o, super shady guy, I'd say. Can't say that I ever wish to meet him. Last year I saw stuff on YouTube such as this
    & this

    Something about his whole voice & demeanor -- I dunno, I just don't trust the guy taking money raffles for his supposed "indie movie" that I doubt shall ever materialize & would never really any real good since he never attended any film school anyhow. *shrugs*

    1. He's a sheister. Looks like his entire family where the same way. he was called "Little Warry" and it seems like he never lived up to his parents' expectations money-wise. And I bet he went after his step-mother with Bloody Social because she took his father's money and he got no inheritance.

      I lost respect for him when he was on G&G forum, telling a 17 year old girl he was 35.. which would have made him like 12 when he did F13th II!!!!

    2. Mad respect bro. Indeed: This dude is super shady as all fuck & super phony. From my early days online to reading Eon-Magazine an online genre site where in he said way back in like '99 that "I feel my days are numbered" from the mob in New York supposedly being out for him to this whole Bloody Social debacle to his whole lying thing, ect.

      I don't know: The guy just plain strikes me wrong. That vegan/raw food oddball interview I had to comment on, as you see from the YouTube clip I gave you. That was truly painful to watch.

      Agreed with you very much so on his whole step-mother angle as well too. I hope no other willfully ignorant fans that aren't online too much or only believe film credits don't donate to him any much more. He should be finally set on the east coast for what he is & he doesn't need anymore damn money, the greedy prick.

      And whoa, he really posted that as his age? What a super shady fuck indeed! He was probably wanting to "fan-fuck" & to wait a year until she was of legal age trying to do a whole richer sugar daddy angle. What a sick/twisted loser fuck that probably can't even get girls in his own age group. What a sharlitan he is...

  2. So sorry I was gonna post the other day been I've been super busy all week & only replied the other day to the other Lawrence Monoson article to click on. Anyway the more I briefly look over his YouTube video the more I see that this guy maybe aging gracefully & be financially stable but he is still a Loser & indeed a charlatan.

    Everything about him, indeed, reeks of badly phoned-in phoniness. Watching him on various videos trying to get everyone from raw food vegan hippies to fans to believe his cook-a-manie stories is all super sad & depressingly bad, to say the least :(

    1. Agreed! Lets not forget his sociopathic, shady partner-in-crime Tim Beal, who trolls these forums spreading misinformation and all out lies.

  3. Timothy Beal here. I approve this message. I haven't been on any forum's like this one or any others relating to this one in at least 5 years. Nice to know that I am still thought of however.