Thursday, August 14, 2014

People Under the Stairs: Filming Location

The house in the film People Under the Stairs
How the house looks today
The house used as the main location in the 1991, Wes Craven film The People Under the Stairs is located in central Los Angeles near the Historical Adams District on Harvard Avenue. Most of the interiors were actually shot on a set, making the home look a lot larger than it really is. 

Directly across from this home is the home used in the film Sorority House Massacre II (which is abandon). In that film the Red Herring Orville Ketchum lived across the street, in this home. At the end of this film – when the residents gather in the street – the Sorority House Massacre II house can be seen.
The area has a lot of large homes – a lot of them used in films – some of them abandon/being remolded, and some of them in pristine condition while others are just going to hell. Some homes in this area are huge and stunning. 

This area isn't what you would call a "great" neighborhood, but was where all of the wealthy residents of Los Angeles lived before Beverly Hills was developed. The area became residency for African-American "rich" and was sometimes referred to as The Black Beverly Hills.

The 10 Freeway is about 300 feet from this home, and ironically the freeway project is what pretty much killed these high-scale neighborhoods and drove the residents away. 

This house has also been used in many other horror films including The Immortalizer and Twice Dead. The kitchen was also used in the Rob Zombie film Halloween.

From the film: The People Under The Stairs 
From the film: The People Under The Stairs 
From the film: The People Under The Stairs 
How the home looks now; the apartments adjacent can be see in the movie
Sorority House Massacre II


  1. Not a *huge* Craven fan but I do like around six of so elements of his films. Also I might get the new Scream Factory blu ray disc of this as I always kind of found it a nice, underrated "Urban" 90s genre film much in the vain of "Tales from the Hood", for example.

    Thanks for the pics!! I need to revisit L.A. again some time as I haven't been since my flannel clad early '90s childhood. I'm now almost 32 age wise...

    1. I don't like Craven's work much either. I just like a few of his films and this is one of them.

      This neighborhood is definitely the hood, though, haha. It's a historic neighborhood, but quite a bad one.

    2. Yeah the same thing with Mr. Carpenter: He is a seminal genre legend, to be sure & this Aspie respects him, but with Craven I just like around four or five of his films. If you look over his filmography on the Internet Movie Database, there were several years from the original Hills Have Eyes II to the first Swomp Thing, wherein he was making total PURE SHIT in my eyes, and I am just a dude into escapist entertainment & old school drama.

      But yeah same with Mr. Carpenter: I like around four of his films that hold up and now that I am older? Not so much. A lot of these older genre legends gentleman I just have on blu ray/high-definition disc for collection purposes & to look over the extras as I clean my house (I have mild OCD that goes along with my Asperger's Syndrome) to see from commentary tracks 'n all why all they've possibly become notable cult favorite films over the years.

      So sad to hear that it is in a ghettoized as all fuck hood rat area, hah ha. I also heard that on the older internet movie database boards I believe before I stopped goin' there almost three years ago now.

      But totally over-blown work in my humble opinion? Easily Romero, as I once said. Nothing against ole' Georgie boy but he comes off as a total prick in his last six or so years of online & print interviews and he has, as we noted on Facebook two years ago, like four or five really notable cult films to his credit given his large filmography. The rest of his work? Honestly PURE SHIT no matter whom all defends it.

      Back on topic at hand: I'll probably snatch up the new Scream Factory blu ray combo pack of this as I have most of their releases so far. Cool lil' under appreciated film in many respects...

  2. Another really cool post! I come here for the Friday the 13th posts and never expect you to include other slashers so it was a nice surprise.

    This movie really-really scared me as a kid and I would be terrified to live near this home. LOL

  3. JasonHarrisonNicholsAugust 25, 2014 at 11:30 PM

    THanks for posting these and sharing.