Friday, August 15, 2014

Oh My Ghana!

Even though the art on these photos is laughable at best, I have to really give respect to the foreign market for attempting to change it up and actually try and do something creative.

We saw some really cool art in Turkish and Japanese releases of these films, but here are some posters from the Ghanian market. I think these would be great additions to anyone's collection! Shit, you can even lie and say your 7 year old son did them!

The fun thing about these is that there are posters for virtually every movie made, with similar "art"work. I personally love these things, and I think they are pretty damn cool for us horror fans!

There's even more on the Friday The 13th Franchise page!




  1. Hah ha!! GREAT / EXCELLENT find, as per always! I used to have a lot of rare Thai and Japanese theatrical quads & one-sheets as well too. Those are certainly rare to me! And LOL @ the line "Holy shit, you can even line & say your seven year old did them" perhaps many can! :D lol

    1. I saw some on the F13thFilms blog, and didn't know they already posted some of these so I linked them. These are hilarious, though. I love bad are to be honest.

  2. Hah ha its all cool bro, I love them rather they're just discovered by another site or not as I don't go there personally no more, so its all cool ;-) And yeah, these are truly oddball/rare finds that are unusually bad/inept & yet oddly enduring, to be truthfully honest.

    Like I once said one of my past laptops from two years ago had a little over 60gbs of retro horror/Friday the 13th Paramount-era stuff saved on it, and I presumed that I had seen most stuff out there. If I can find a few more images of good ole' younger Catherine Parks in the '83 Fall replacement "New Adventures of Zorro!" images, compared to the few I have already seen online, then my life as an obscure tracker of the cool/obscure Friday memerbelia & imagery shall be complete ;-)