Saturday, August 16, 2014

Night of the Demons (1988): Filming Locations

The old man's house in the beginning of the film.
This is how that house looks now. It was long abandon, but is now being
refurbished and is for sale/lease. It's on Menlo Avenue at 29th.
Kevin S. Tenney's Night of the Demons (1988) was shot pretty much entirely in one area of the Historic Menlo/29th District in Central Los Angeles. The Old Man's home seen in the beginning and the end of the movie is on the corner of Menlo Avenue and 29th Street.

Two homes used as residences of characters in the movie are adjacent to the Old Man's home on 29th Street. If you follow 29th Street to Vermont, a very small Indian restaurant sits and it looks like it was where the convenient store scene was shot. The building has had a facelift, is no longer a store, but has the exact same shape.

If you follow Menlo Avenue to Adams Boulevard on the left sits a Ralph's grocery store. This was where a historic home was used as "Hull House". That historic home was used in Night of the Demons 1 and 2, but was demolished shortly after despite public outcry. 

With movie magic, Hull House seemed to be far off of the road. However, it was right on the street and close to adjacent homes.

At the end of the film; you can see Frannie's home ahead. They were walking
past the old man's house on Menlo Avenue toward 29th.
This is that same sidewalk, again you can see Frannie's home on 29th. To
the right is the old man's home. 

In the movie, Billy answers the door to find Sal.
The Billy/Sal scene was most likely shot at this apartment building. 
It sits adjacent to the home used for Frannie's house. 
Max and Frannie leave for Hull House in the movie.
This house sits at Menlo Avenue and 29th. You can actually see it in the
movie from the old man's home as it is practically across the street.
The convenient store in the movie.
This is on the corner of Vermont and Adams, running adjacent is 29th. This
is across the street from where Hull House was located as well as where the
three houses in the movie were located (off of Menlo and 29th). This building
looks a lot different, but pretty sure it was the same as it was the only one
in the area with the angled front.
The wall around Hull House 
The wall with the top of the home peeking over.
Across the street is where Hull House was located. It was torn down shortly
after filming Night of the Demons 2. In its place is a Ralph's grocery store.
"Hull House" before it was dressed up for the movie.


  1. This is really cool! I never thought about the NOTD series being shot in Los Angeles. I have to say that the movie doesn't look like that it was shot there. It more has the feel of Ohio.

    1. It's hard for me to gauge the atmosphere because it was pretty much all shot at night. The neighborhood that was shot in has changed - looks nothing like it used to, really.

  2. JasonHarrisonNicholsAugust 25, 2014 at 11:29 PM

    I landed on this blog by searching filming locations and you have already blown me away with four locations that I have been looking for -- thanks a lot brother.

  3. I got this one on blu ray now. Used to have it on standard definition DVD as well too wherein Lienna's interview segment (the first really shot by Michael "slipcase" Felsher as well too by the way), she talked about her the house/location actually scared her cause it was in the heart of L.A.'s gang territory at the time.

    Hopefully the neighborhood is much less ghettoized these days & has been cleaned up.

    1. To be honest, every neighborhood in LA is gang territory and that's not even a joke. This area is a historic area, that went to hell. Lately everything is being restored. The area is definitely minority mostly, and of course gang territory like everywhere else in LA. It's a pretty nice area now, but still not a desired neighborhood. It's near my house.

    2. Yeah I've unfortunately heard of that one bro, I mean about that aspect about L.A. now :(

      I hope that the city is cleaned up over time & there are programs pop up to help involve gang members to be less active in gangs and more positively involved & to be good.

      I once was involved with a church group at another parish to helped at-risk youth & gang related territories. Bless their hearts.