Sunday, August 17, 2014

Tom Morga's Stick-On Mustache: Commando (1985)

Friday the 13th stunt team of John Sherrod, Tom Morga, Johnny Hocks and Dick Warlock worked on this classic Arnold Schwarzenegger film Commando from 1985.

Here is an amazing shot of Tom Morga with a really bad stick-on moustache. Looks like the make-up effects team for Commando was as bad as the team for A New Beginning.


  1. That mustache -- God bless'em, that indeed looks like the sub-par work of the now long defunct REEL EFX Group of L.A. there now. Never was a fan of their work on the series since once I got older I honestly was never as into Part V as I was when I was younger.

    Thanks for the amusing shot, as per always.

    1. They didn't do a good job in V, that's for sure.

    2. Yeah, the REEL EFX Team I had always presumed was like hella busy in late '84 around Part V's shooting schedule time or didn't bring the right stuff on-set. Cause honestly even with how routinely censored genre films were around this time, with the exception of Lana's axe aftermath shot, most of the stuff in there looks super cheesy as all fuck, and in a bad/inept way as well too.