Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Top 5 Final Girls in Friday the 13th

Kimberly Beck (left) as Trish Jarvis
#5 Kimberly Beck (Trish Jarvis, Part IV): I think that Kim was one of the strongest heroines of the franchise, and most definitely the most positive female being a big sister and a mother-like figure. Apparently Kimberly was in her 30's when she portrayed Trish Jarvis and is now in her 50's and still looks good.

Dana Kimmell as Chris Higgins
#4 Dana Kimmell (Chris Higgins, Part III): Chris was hot, innocent and the girl next door. It's a shame that by the end of the movie her bout with Jason left her a basket case. I thought the Chris Higgins character was one of the more developed females in the first 5, with a back story that should have been expanded on in a later installment. Dana Kimmell still is very beautiful to this day.

Adrienne King as Alice Hardy

#3 Adrienne King (Alice Hardy, Part I & II): The very cute Alice was probably one of the easiest to love females of the franchise and who could not love that hair cut? But in Part 1 he had some glimpses that perhaps she was not so innocent. She died in the beginning of Part 2, but still qualifies for this.

Amy Steel as Ginny Fields

#2 Amy Steel (Ginny Fields, Part II): I think that Amy Steel is the typical gets better with age female, and not a truer statement can ever be said. I rank her second even though she is not my favorite mainly because of the climax of the movie. I think the "chase" scene with her and Jason was hands-down the best of the franchise. To top that off, Ginny looked mad hot all wet from the rain.

Melanie Kinnaman as Pam Roberts

#1 Melanie Kinnaman (Pam Roberts, Part V): I think this may come off as a huge shock with people knowing how much I love Dana Kimmell and Amy Steel, but there was just something about Pam. Yeah, the way she was made up in the beginning of the film really was not at all flattering. However, the chase through the woods and rain really made you realize how beautiful Melanie Kinnaman really is.

Runners up:

  • Lar Park Lincoln (Tina Shepard, Part VII)
  • Jensen Daggett (Rennie Wickham, Part VIII)


  1. 1. Dana
    2. Amy
    3. Kimberly
    4. Melanie
    5. Alice

  2. Trish hätt ich mir geschnappt .

  3. amy war meine nummer 1