Thursday, April 7, 2011

Remembering the Unknown Jasons

Roy Burns stand-in doing a kill scene
When you say the name Jason many names may come to mind; Kane Hodder, Ted White, Richard Brooker, C.J. Graham or maybe even Steve Dash. This entry is dedicated to all of those people who played Jason- even for a scene- and never gets mentioned.

Jerry Wallace standing in for Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th: Part II
Ellen Lutter & Jerry Wallace:
Both filled in Friday The 13th Part II after the pathetic Warrington Gillette as fired, and prior to Steve Dash's hiring. Ellen Lutter, the only lady to play Jason, filled in for Jason in the opening scene of the film. The legs of Jason walking is Ellen and the hands killing Alice are Jerry Wallace. Jerry also did a lot of hands and feet shots throughout the first 1/3 of the movie. Lutter was never credited for her roles, however Wallace got credit as The Prowler.

Stuntman Mike De Luna taking the fall for Richard Brooker
Mike De Luna:
In Friday The 13th Part III, only one "Jason" scene was not Richard Brooker. Brooker wanted to do the infamous hanging scene, but in fear of losing the movie's star, producers opted to go with another stuntman. If you look closely, the man being hanged is much larger than Richard Brooker. Rumors are that the man in this scene is not Mike De Luna, but Jimmy Midearis. There has been no confirmation to either- it was mentioned by an SFX crew member that it was indeed Mike De Luna.

Johnny Hock as Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th: Part V
Unknown actor & Johnny Hocks Conrad:
In Friday The 13th Part V we get 2 more unknown fill-ins as well as Tom Morga. In the first scene of the movie we have a fill-in actor and stuntman Johnny Hock who was uncredited playing Jason. It's fairly obvious when you look at the stature of the actor playing Jason in this scene. The second fill-in is in the fall from the barn where Roy falls onto the spikes. Okay, yeah, this was not Jason, but still. This was also done by Johnny Hock and done for the same reasons as the hanging in Part III. Also, according to Debi-Sue Voorhees a man "with red hair and a red beard" did her kill scene. This was not Hock or Morga.

The hired-then-fired Dan Bradly donning the hockey mask
Dan Bradley:
He was the stuntman hired to play Jason in Friday The 13th Part VI, however after the first dailies came in producers did not like his portly stature and fired him. C.J. Graham was then hired to play Jason and the rest is history. It is said that Bradley still holds a grudge against the producers firing him to this day. Bradley's only scene is the infamous "paintball survival" scene.

There are so many others that deserve recognition for their work such as the scenes Ken Kirzinger did in Friday the 13th: Part VIII, Douglas Tait's work in Freddy vs. Jason, and so on.

Here one you may not have known; did you know that Tom Savini played Jason in one scene in Friday the 13th: Part IV? It's true.

Tom Savini standing in as Jason Voorhees 


  1. good to know. love this blog

  2. Taso Starvakis did all the POV shots in part I

  3. HisNameWasBrandon,

    I can confirm that indeed Dan Bradley to this day despises having Friday Part VI brought up. On the Crystal Lake Memories commentary track, author Peter Bracke makes mention then when he contacted Mr. Bradley his wife handed him to phone. Once on, he made mention of Part VI and he IMMDIATELY heard the phone slam.

    So yeah, the poor guy holds a grudge. Honestly I feel that Kane in Jason X was the worst on screen portrayal thus far, but alas its all history now. But Mr. Bradley has made a name for himself stunt coordinating over the years so its all fine.