Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Remembering the unknown Jasons Part 2

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Tom Savini:
Some people really find it odd that Tom Savini donned the Jason attire for (at least) a scene in Friday The 13th: Part IV. Tom Savini is known for performing the intricate kills in the movies that he does special effects for, as seen in behind-the-scene footage for movies like Maniac and The Prowler. Here's Savini in the Jason suit killing the fat hitchiker.

Timothy Burr Mirkovich:
Timothy Burr Mirkovich is probably the least referenced Jason in the series that was credited. He played young Jason in Friday The 13th: Part VIII, and got the job because his father Stephen was the movie's editor. Both Stephen and Timothy have gone on to have a prolific career in motion picture editing.

Ken Kirzinger:
Again, people may find it odd that I am including Ken Kirzinger on this list. Some people may not know that he did some stunts for Kane Hodder in Friday The 13th: Part VIII, most notably being hit by a car and being electrocuted on the subway rail.

Spencer Stump:
Another young Jason- Spencer Stump is another one of those barely-referenced Jason actors. Spencer Stump had a few large scenes in Freddy vs. Jason, and until Derek Mears (Friday The 13th 2009) was the only Jason to have worn both the infamous sack and the hockey mask in the same movie.

Glenn Ennis & Douglas Tait:
Glenn Ennis's most notable scene in Freddy vs. Jason has to be the cornfield rave scene where Jason was on fire. I am not sure what Douglas Tait's scenes were- he was credited as Jason's Los Angeles double.

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  1. Douglas Tait played Jason at the ending of Freddy Vs Jason, where Jason walks out of the water with Freddy's severed head. Tait has gone on to play many other iconic characters behind masks. Here is a great article about how he got cast in F vs J