Saturday, May 7, 2011

Memorable characters?

Walt Gorney at Crazy Ralph in Friday the 13th
Growing up loving horror I have always noticed that the horror genre was great for so many reasons. I'd like to think it was the blood and gore and perhaps t & a, but generally it was the memorable characters. Movies like Return Of The Living Dead, Mother's Day, Terrorvision, Fright Night, Night Of The Demons, A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 2, Friday The 13th Part 5 and Texas Chainsaw Massacre III were movies that I loved because of all of the memorable characters.

One of the greatest things about the Friday The 13th franchise was the fact that every movie-- even the bad ones-- were full of these characters. So, here are my favorite characters from the movies that I loved the most.

Part 1. Crazy Ralph: As a kid he stuck out the most to me because he reminded me of my uncle Charles. Charles rode a similar bike and really acted the same. Slap a Grizzly Adams beard on Ralph and you'd have Charles.

Part 2. Ted: Needless to say I can relate to this character, Ted is the typical dork that is just trying to impress everyone with his humor. I also loved how they were making Ted look like the killer. Notice in the shot to the left Ted is wearing the same flannel shirt as Jason when he grabs the spear and kills Brenda and Jeff.

Part 3. Harold: With this one being my all-time favorite you would thing the most memorable character for me would be a more significant one-- nope. Harold's small part was probably the most memorable part for me; this was one of the first ones I had watched. Harold was funny and who can forget his episode of diarrhea that led to his demise?

Part 4. Rob Dier: A lot of people consider Rob one of the worst characters of this movie, mainly because of his lack luster demise. I loved the role, and this may sound funny, but when I first watched Part 5 I could not put together that Roy was the killer (because I was not lsitening). When Roy fell to his death I thought it looked an awful-lot like Rob and for many months I thought Rob was the killer-- somehow Rob came back for revenge for his sister. That would have made a great story!

Part 5. Ethel & Junior: Okay, so this isn't A character, but two. I don't even have to go into detail as to why I loved this comic-duo. When it comes to 1980's horror Ethel & Junior rank right up there. This is what I love about 1980's horror- that we can have comedy like this and still have an effective and eventful horror film.

Runners up:
Part 1: Ned
Part 2: Mark
Part 3: Abel
Part 4: The Twins
Part 5: Demon

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