Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Shameless Self-Promotion, Sorry.

I rarely self-promote. In fact, this is probably only the second time. Anyways, I have a slew of music and movie-related T-Shirts on eBay including some old DeadPit.Com Horror Talk Radio T-Shirts. Have a gander at my eBay store.

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  1. I have an eBay account so I took a look. Too cool bro! I am a neo-Rockabilly/Psychobilly drummer & back up singer so I dress like that most days of my life. Sadly, I am an XL in the shirt size not a medium as all of your adult t-shirts are but I like a lot of them such as the Jesco White one. Would go great with a nice pair of Faded Glory or Lee Signature brand super stonewash pale jeans I got rolled up along wiht my American flag bandanna.

    So I may search that out on eBay or Amazon in my own size. Too amusing about the Crazy Fat Ethel shirt. Here I am, a super serious fan of retro slashers & assorted cult cinema, but I still haven't seen Crazy Fat Ethel.

    So am I missing anything? Was merely always curious...